Feeling and looking your best doesn’t have an age limit so Jamie Genevieve, VIEVE founder and makeup artist, gives her best makeup tips for mature skin. From the mature makeup tips to make you look natural and youthful to how and where to apply products to enhance your features, these tips will make you look timelessly beautiful.

  • PREP

    Buff Sand Eye Wand onto the eyes for an even base before applying Mahogany to the outer corners and blending to create subtle definition.


    Enrich with the shade Lavarock from the Essential Palette. Wash Old Gold over the lids for a glistening shimmer. “Mature eyes can often be hooded, so when blending out eyeshadows, keep your eyes open and rested so you can see exactly what the final look will be, adding definition where needed. Shutting your eyes can stretch the eyes, distorting the look.”


    Using Goodnight from the Essential Palette and stamp along the lash line to intensify and enhance the look, blending the end of the liner into your eyeshadow for a seamless finish. Smoke Mahogany on the lower lash to add definition and make your eyes pop, setting in place with Lavarock. Finish with lashings of mascara.


    “Not sure where to start with brows? Go through them with a brow gel, brushing upwards and outwards which will reveal any sparse areas that you can fill in with a brow pencil or powder.”

  • PREP

    Makeup for mature skin starts with prep so apply Skin Nova for a hit of radiance imparting hydration to perfect the skin. “Customise your coverage by mixing a pump of Skin Nova with your favourite concealer which is going to add a natural, healthy, radiant finish to the skin.”


    When it comes to concealing the eye are, less is more. Use a little amount of product to beautifully brighten under the eyes, taking the concealer and blending in the inner corners. Apply a light dusting of powder to set the look in place.


    Apply Sunset Blush in Piazza to the highs of the cheeks, lifting the face giving a gorgeous, rosy, sunkissed glow. “If you ever go too intense with your blush, take your brush used to apply your base and go over the top to softly diffuse.”


    Take our Modern Bronzer to add a little sculpt and definition to the cheeks and lifting to the temples. Apply Skin Dew to the high points of the face for a glossy, bouncy and fresh finish. You can either apply with your fingers of the VIEVE 125 Highlight Brush.

  • LINE

    “Start in the middle and ever so slightly push out the lip line using Brat Modern Lip Definer to give back some natural fullness, sometimes lost on mature lips.”


    Finish the look of with our your-lips-but-better shade of Lip Dew in Rosa to add a glossy finish for fuller-looking lips.